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General Survey and Vital Signs


Bates’ Visual Guide to the Physical Examination (4th edition)

This video collection accompanies the classic textbook of physical diagnosis used by most medical schools including the University of Pittsburgh. The videos serve as a companion to the textbook and provide a demonstration on how each exam is performed. Bates is often the definitive resource for student exams.

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine (University of California, San Diego)
This online resource provides a written description of key components of the history and physical examination. It also discusses the underlying anatomic and physiologic basis of physical examination findings.

Online Physical Examination Teaching Assessment (University of Florida)

This series of videos, created by physicians at the University of Florida School of Medicine, provides demonstrations and short lists of clinical pearls on how to perform components of the physical examination.

Blood Pressure Measurement, New England Journal of Medicine

A concise, comprehensive 9 minute tutorial from NEJM's series: Videos in Clinical Medicine.